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So Weight Watchers has rebranded to ‘WW’. I know the Chief Executive, Mindy Grossman, has said the WW is simply “a marque”, however, everyone is always going to call it Weight Watchers!

It seems, that for a long period of time, it has been common to hear stories of people you know, and friends of friends, who have joined Weight Watchers to lose weight and once they have reached their target they unfortunately go back to their old routine. Then, once the weight has built back up, they re-join and being trying to lose weight again, this is often due to a mix of factors, food education being one.

The new WW strap line “wellness that works” is all well and good, however, there are still many people that don’t fully understand the meaning of‘wellness’ in that context. Wellness is often bespoke to the individual, but it is about making better choices to better our daily health, it’s not just about diet.

Unfortunately people are not getting healthier and I believe it is because there is a lot of confusion around the types of ingredients in food and drink that they choose to feed their bodies and the impact that this truly has.We choose how we live and for a long time, there has been a very strong focus on losing or managing our weight, but obesity is rising as are associated health issues.

Wellness is so much more than just our diet. I believe it is the daily lifestyle we choose, which includes our food and drink choices, the way we begin and end our day, the exercise (or lack of) we choose to do, our daily routine, having a structured bedtime routine and allowing some quiet time for ourselves each and every day.

The lifestyle choices being made by many are creating high stress levels which leads to the breeding and feeding of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, adrenal fatigue, mental health problems and many more,partly because our daily lives do not allow for relaxation time or early nights enabling the body to rest and repair. Our hectic lives creates imbalanced hormones and poor food choices, with preferences for ready meals or takeaways that are high in sugar and trans fats that feed the diseases mentioned above.By habit alone, then many are missing out on their daily intake of fruit, fresh vegetables and homemade meals, stating time and budgets as the main excuse.

Bigger than our daily choices

We really do need to be looking at the bigger picture of overall health and wellbeing through lifestyle habit changes, one small step at a time.Real food really is medicine and doesn’t cost the Earth, just a little time to prepare and cook.

A healthy diet with knowledge over our food choices, combined with using tactics to reduce stress and anxiety can lead to reduced illness levels,better choices being made and more confidence in our ability to deal with our daily lives.

If these practises were put in place, people would become naturally healthier.  However, from WW’s point of view I’m not sure how that would work. People would not re-join once they had learnt how to nurture and nourish their bodies and themselves to wellness, would they? For WW, they may promote a wellness design for the customers but their business model is built on short-term gains that give a quick-fix hit, then normality resumes, weight can be put back on, the customers return and for WW, the circle continues as their business and profits grow. How wonderful would it be have a healthier and happier population? All it takes is a little education, a little preparation and a willingness to commit. If you believe you need help with any of these points, message me. Get out of the short-term gains, make a change for life. A change to better you for now and forever with support when you need it, then,freedom to live a fuller life when you’re ready.

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