Skin & Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments
Relax, Energise and Lift Your Mood
£45.00 for 45 minutes (allow 75 mins) £60.00 for 60 minutes, (allow 90 mins) £75.00 for 90 minutes, (allow 2 hrs)

Health & Nutrition Coaching

A helping hand to live a better life

Six week tailored programme
Here we spend time with you, looking at the whole person and discussing your individual needs, finding out what you would like to achieve and working together to create a bespoke plan.
Please allow 1 hour per session.
Follow On Support
To keep you on track and to continue to support you after your six week programme. This gives 1 hour of my time exclusively to you, so I can carry on encouraging and empowering you to grow and carry on achieving the results you have gained, along side leading a balanced lifestyle.
*monthly subscription

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