How to be SkinSmart

Are you being SkinSmart?

Hi there, I’m Amanda Whitehead and this month I would like to bring your awareness to being SkinSmart.

So, lots of people think that being SkinSmart is washing your face everyday and sometimes applying moisturiser. However, for me SkinSmart is looking at a much bigger picture. To begin with, how healthy are you? What sort of lifestyle are you leading? What sort of foods do you eat and what fluids do you consume?

Do you have a regular exercise routine, and most importantly, how are we talking to ourselves? Are we being positive, speaking kind words and being caring to ourselves?

Our skin is the body’s largest organ; it is a living map of our health. When we are ill, stressed, tired or lacking energy, the skin may appear dull, sallow or even uneven. We can also have dull, sallow skin if we aren’t drinking enough clear fluids, eating nutritious food and generally abusing our bodies. However, when we are feeling healthy, sleeping well, eating properly and using the right products on our skin, the skin can and will glow.

If we care for ourselves by investing in eating healthy, having regular skin treatments, using the correct products at home, being aware of our thought process and including regular exercise in our routine, we will feel amazing both inside and out!

Meditation or just quiet time is a great way to teach ourselves how to pay more attention to the present moment, to be aware of how we feel, what we are thinking right now at this very moment, just being aware of the world around us and taking some slow, deep breaths to help keep us grounded.

Learning to say ‘NO’ to whatever maybe detrimental to our wellbeing and instead listen and follow our instincts.

The body and skin regenerate themselves at night so it is also of upmost importance to sleep well, getting 6-8hours rest every night if possible.

So really being SkinSmart is looking after yourself as a whole person. Mind wellness, body confidence and being SkinSmart! Nurturing, hydrating and loving all of you!

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