9 Benefits of Massage

Massage has a huge number of benefits and effects on all the systems of the body. By massaging and relaxing the muscles you create a knock on effect to all the other systems of the body. This also brings about a relaxation that brings the body into an equilibrium, whereby it can repair and renew itself.

Through everyday stresses (constantly living in a fight or flight mode) and overuse of the muscles, there is very often an imbalance within the body which is often caused by tension and toxins. The result will be tight muscles which can often pull your posture out of alignment and so restrict the blood flow.

How massage helps

The 3 main reasons and benefits of massage for the muscles is to release tension, toxins and tightness.

Regular massage treatments will help with:

  • Increasing flexibility. By manipulating the muscles and helping to stretch and relax them, so encouraging them to return back to a relaxed and normal length.
  • Remove waste products. When the muscles are overused and worked hard such as in an exercise session for example, they burn oxygen and glucose which produces lactic acid. This can then build up within the muscle fibres so causing soreness and discomfort.
  • Improving muscle tone and reducing cramps. When massaging the muscles we are breaking down the waste products that have built up within the muscle fibres and so this can reduce cramping. It is also possible to massage the muscle whilst it is cramping which encourages relaxation and relief. 

So remember I mentioned earlier that there is a knock on effect throughout the body? Well here are just a few benefits you can receive from a massage:

  1. Because we have relieved the tension and tightness in the muscles you will find that the massage treatment will also help to improve your posture because the muscles have been relaxed and lengthened and so are sitting correctly.
  2. Massage also improves mobility and the range of movement within the joints. This is because of the warming effect massage has on the synovial fluid that flows around the joints to keep them lubricated. For instance someone suffering with arthritis will find relief from the treatment because of the release of fresh fluid around those areas.
  3. Circulation of the blood to the bones also increases and blood flow is encouraged to flow more evenly around the body.
  4. Treatments can also aid in lowering blood pressure helping to relax and decrease the heart rate. If however you have high blood pressure that isn’t well controlled, massage is contraindicated meaning the client cannot go ahead unless they have a letter from a medical professional.
  5. A good massage can also help to reduce pain and psychologically give a feeling of wellbeing, which allows you to switch off and unwind and ‘just be’ for a while.
  6. It also helps with the balancing of hormones, as we are balancing the body and bringing it back to a state of homeostasis. 
  7. Improves elimination of urine, which is a way the body will remove toxins after treatment. It is very important to drink plenty of water and keep yourself well hydrated to help with this elimination. 
  8. Massage can also help alleviate constipation when massaging the colon gently which helps to stimulate the process of digestion and breakdown foods in the intestines 
  9. Then finally the skin is fed nutrients from the oils used, which go directly into the blood stream and on to feed the organs of the body. This helps to improve the condition of the skin and its elasticity, especially around areas of scarring.

I have been delivering massage treatments for 26 years and know from experience and seeing all my clients, that regular massage treatments give you a better awareness of your body, which is a small step to taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

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